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February 25, 2010:  PHOTOS:  Here are some photos of Jeremy Irons at the T.S. Eliot US/UK Exchange on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010.


Jeremy Irons at the T.S. Eliot US/UK Exchange

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February 21, 2010:  SOUND CLIPS:  The Eragon sound clips are completely finished now.  Listen to the latest downloads here!


SCREEN CAPTURES:  We have exclusive screen captures of Jeremy Irons from his appearance on Face Booth: A Time to Reflect.


Jeremy Irons in Face Booth: A Time to ReflectJeremy Irons in Face Booth: A Time to Reflect 


For more information about this Unicef charity, click here!



February 18, 2010:  FAMILY NEWS:  Today we wish Jeremy's wife Sinéad Cusack a very happy birthday!


DVD RELEASE:  Georgia O'Keeffe will be available on DVD on April 27, 2010 in the US and Canada. 


SITE UPDATES:   More Eragon sound clips are on the way!  I'm sorry for the delay.  Hopefully by this weekend I will have a few more uploaded.



February 7, 2010:  SOUND CLIPS:  We have most of the sound clips of Jeremy Irons in Eragon finished and on the audio page.  There are still a few more to edit and upload, so please check back over the next few days for those updates. 

Eragon sound clips!



February 4, 2010:  CHARITY UPDATE:  Jeremy Irons's facebooth photos for Time to Reflect, a charity through Unicef, are available for viewing here!  After clicking on the link, click on 'view all'.  Jeremy's photo is in the third row down in the second column. 


SOUND CLIPS:  We have new sound clips coming soon! Please check back over the weekend for clips of Jeremy in Eragon


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