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October 31, 2009:  FILM TRIVIA:  Here is a link to an interesting blog called Clothes on Film.  Jeremy Irons' linen shirt from The Mission is the subject and there are a few screen captures from the film included.


PHOTOS:  There are several new photos in the galleries of Jeremy!  The first photo was found in a book called The Shakespeare Encyclopedia - The Complete Guide to the Man and His Works.  Jeremy is mentioned three times in the book for his roles in Richard II, The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale, and there are two photos of Jeremy (one from The Merchant of Venice - not pictured).  It is a beautiful book with many photos of some of the finest Shakespearean stage and film actors.  Other actors included in the book are Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Al Pachino, Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and many more.  The book is available at


Jeremy Irons - Richard II


Jeremy Irons at the Georgia O'Keeffe Abstraction

Jeremy Irons at the Georgia O'Keeffe Abstraction

Jeremy Irons attends a celebration for Nic Iljine in Venice at the Guggenheim

Jeremy Irons attends the celebration for Nic Iljine at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice



October 28, 2009:  UPCOMING EVENT:  Jeremy Irons is set to attend a tribute for John Mortimer in November.  Read more here!


PHOTOS AND VIDEO:  We have acquired a few photos of Jeremy Irons reading at the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour with Seamus Heaney and Dominic West in our gallery.  We also have a video clip of Jeremy reading.  A special thank you to Sarah for allowing us permission to use her photos and video from this event!

Jeremy Irons reading at the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour

Photos used with permission from Sarah and Dan in London


Video used with permission from Sarah and Dan in London



October 27, 2009:  YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  I've uploaded two more video clips to our YouTube Channel. Click on the photos below to watch interviews with Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain from Lolita, plus a fantastic review of Lolita!  Also, please visit our JeremyIrons.Org YouTube Channel and subscribe to our channel so that you will be the first to know when we've uploaded new videos! Subscribe to our channel here!


Jeremy Irons - Lolita Interview

Jeremy Irons - Lolita Review




October 23, 2009:  SCREEN CAPTURES:  Take a look at these new screen captures of Max Irons which were taken from a recent MANGO interview!

Max Irons MANGO interview screen captures



October 20, 2009:  ICONS AND SCREEN CAPTURES:  There are a few new icons and screen captures from various video interviews of Jeremy Irons in the galleries!


Video screen captures!



October 17, 2009:  VIDEO CLIPS:  We have two more videos of Max Irons.  One clip is an interview from Mango that goes along with the interview in the Mango catalog and the other is a music video of Max modeling for Mango.  You will find both clips on the Max Irons Mango catalog interview page!  We will have screen captures from these clips available soon!




October 15, 2009:  SCREEN CAPTURES:  We have a few large screen captures of Max Irons which were taken from the latest Mango interview.  Click on the photo to see more!

Max Irons interview with Mango




October 14, 2009:  PHOTOS:  On September 24, 2009, Jeremy Irons was the master of ceremonies for the Sunflower Jam 2009.  Click here to read the full review of the event.  Click on the photo below to view photos from the event.

Jeremy Irons - Sunflower Jam 2009


VIDEO CLIP:  There is a fantastic interview with Max Irons from the Mango web site.  Click on the link "What should I wear by Mango" and scroll down for Max's interview!

And here is another video clip of some behind the scenes of Max modeling for Mango. 





October 13, 2009:  SITE NEWS:  I am very sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I am in Southern California at the moment and have had very little time for working on site updates.  I was very happy to meet some of the members of Touchstone at the Calprog Festival this past weekend.  Jeremy read the prelude on their current CD, Wintercoast.  It's a brilliant album and they are an amazing band, not to mention very generous and sweet people.  If you don't already have a copy of Wintercoast, I would strongly suggest you purchase one soon!  Jeremy's prelude mixed in with the progressive rock sounds of Touchstone is something you won't want to miss.  Click the link below to purchase Touchstone's latest CD.

Order Touchstone's Wintercoast album featuring Jeremy Irons here!


NEWS:  Jeremy Irons, Michael Fassbender, Simon Brown and James Christopher are the adjudicators that will judge this year’s Kerry Film Festival short film competitions.   A €5,000 cash prize in Best Director Competition will be adjudicated by Jeremy Irons.   Read more here!




October 4, 2009:  INTERVIEW:  A friend of our site sent us some scans of an interview with Max Irons from the Mango catalog which she found in the Mango shop in Rome.   She said there were a few photos of Max up in the shop and all the photos of Max in the catalog are the same ones we already have in our gallery.  So we don't have any new photos of Max, but we do have the interview.  Click on the photo below to read the transcribed interview!

Read the interview with Max Irons




October 3, 2009:  NEW PHOTO FIND:  Here is a stunning black and white portrait of Jeremy Irons!

Jeremy Irons





October 2, 2009:   FAN PHOTOS:  We have several fan submitted photos of Jeremy Irons outside the stage door of Embers in London and a few photos of Sinéad Cusack out and about in London. 

Jeremy Irons in London - view more photos in the fan photos album!



VIDEOS:  Here are two short clips from Times  Talks - A Conversation with Jeremy Irons, an interview with Janet Maslin of The New York Times.  Jeremy talks about directing his friend Carly Simon's music video "Tired of Being Blonde" and  he touches on the highs and lows of characters.  Click on each photo to watch the clips!


Jeremy Irons - What actors can learn from MTV    Jeremy Irons - Exploring Highs and Lows in Characters




October 1, 2009:   EVENT NEWS:  Read more about Jeremy's evening at the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour at the British Library in London here!


VOICE WORK:  A previous film at Disney's California Adventure, "Seasons of the Vine", which featured Jeremy Irons' narration, is now showing at the former Making of Me Theater at Epcot Center.  For photos and more information, visit the Walt Disney News Today site!



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