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September 30, 2009:   EVENT NEWS:  Jeremy Irons attends the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour at the British Library in London.

Jeremy Irons, Eileen Atkins and Josephine Hart




September 29, 2009:   GEORGIA O' KEEFFE:  Producer Tony Mark talks about casting Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O'Keeffe - Read the interview here!


FAMILY THEATRE NEWS:  Jeremy's wife Sinéad Cusack is currently on stage in Dublin at The Gate Theatre with Ciáran Hinds in The Birds which runs through October 10 Click here for tickets & information.

Both Jeremy and Sinéad will take part in a two-day directors' symposium at the Gate Lab on October 1 & 2.  Read more here.


JEREMY IRONS BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY:  Were you a winner in the contest?  Click the image below to find out!  We are in the process of mailing out prizes over the next few weeks! Thank you again for being a part of our celebration.

Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway Results




September 28, 2009:   GEORGIA O' KEEFFE:  Great news!  The entire Lifetime movie Georgia O' Keeffe starring Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen is now available for viewing at  Enjoy!


CHARITY NEWS:  Jeremy Irons helps raise funds for a new cricket pavilion and to provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to play cricket.


Jeremy Irons helps raise funds for cricket charity

Photo credit:




September 27, 2009:   ARTICLE:  Jeremy Irons discusses the joys of cricket with Edward Craig.  Click on the photo to read the article.

Jeremy Irons discusses the joys of cricket

Photo credit:


JUST FOR FUN:  Here  is a very silly little quiz to test your knowledge of Jeremy Irons from Hello Magazine.  Take the quiz!




September 24, 2009:   JEREMY IRONS ON YOUTUBE:  Here are two more video interviews with Jeremy Irons from The David Letterman Show in 1995. 

Jeremy Irons - 1995 interview - Part I

Jeremy Irons - 1995 interview - Part II



ARCHIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW:  This is an older interview with the cast of The Merchant of Venice.  Jeremy's portion begins at approximately 5:03 minutes.

Jeremy Irons - The Merchant of Venice Interview



NEW SOUND CLIPS:  There are several new sound clips of Jeremy Irons in Appaloosa on the audio page.




September 20, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE NEWS:  Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen are featured in the current issue of Emmy Magazine - Issue No. 4, 2009 - Portrait of an Artist by Ann Farmer.  Check out the scans below to read the article. 

Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in the current issue of Emmy MagazineJeremy Irons and Joan Allen in the current issue of Emmy Magazine


If you are unable to find this magazine at your local bookstores, it is available online through the Emmy web site.


JEREMY IRONS BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY:  We have fifteen winners from our latest contest!  The winners were randomly chosen.  Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.  Visit the Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway page to see if you won!


JEREMY IRONS ON YOUTUBE :  Here are some video interviews of Jeremy Irons throughout the years for you to enjoy!  I will be uploading more soon.

Jeremy on Conan - December 2006

Jeremy Interview - German

Jeremy Interview - The Man in the Iron Mask and Lolita - 1998




September 19, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE VIDEO INTERVIEWS:  Here are several interviews with the cast of Georgia O'Keeffe from  There are scenes from the movie in each interview, so watch them all!

Jeremy Irons

Joan Allen

Tyne Daly

Ed Begley Jr.

Bob Balaban, Joan Allen and Tyne Daly


JEREMY'S BIRTHDAY:  Happy birthday to Jeremy Irons today!  Help us celebrate by posting a birthday message for Jeremy in the forum!


REMINDERS:  Watch Georgia O'Keeffe tonight on Lifetime at 9pm central, and check back soon for screen captures!  Also, our Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway is now closed.  The winners will be announced shortly.  




September 18, 2009: SCREEN CAPTURES:  There are several new screen captures in the Galleries of Jeremy Irons' NY 1 interview at The Whitney.

Jeremy Irons is interviewed at The Whitney Museum in NY


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE REVIEWS, ARTICLES AND VIDEOS:  There are several more reviews, articles and video clips of Jeremy and Joan on the Georgia O'Keeffe page, including a fantastic video interview with the cast from NY 1 live from The Whitney Museum of American Art on Thursday, September 17, 2009. 


BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY:  Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday and the end of our birthday giveaway.  Tons of fans have already registered, but you still have a little time left to sign up for the contest!  Click here for details. 


BIRTHDAY MESSAGES: Please register with the forum to leave a birthday message for Jeremy - visit the forum!




September 17, 2009:  PHOTOS:  View more photos of Jeremy Irons at The Mysteries – Yiimimangaliso opening night at


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE DVD:  Great news for those of you who won't be able to access Lifetime this weekend to see Jeremy and Joan.  According to the Georgia O' Keeffe Museum, the Georgia O' Keeffe movie will eventually be available in the museum store.   We will keep you updated on the release date.


MORE O'KEEFFE ABSTRACTION PHOTOS:  View more photos (thumbnails only) of Jeremy and Joan at the Georgia O'Keeffe Abstraction - opening reception and dinner here!


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE INTERVIEW:  Joan Allen is interviewed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - click here to watch!




September 16, 2009:  NEW PHOTOS:  Jeremy Irons attends The Georgia O' Keeffe: Abstraction exhibition opening at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Jeremy Irons attends the Georgia O' Keeffe - Abstraction exhibition openingJeremy Irons attends The Georgia O' Keeffe - Abstraction exhibition opening

Wireimages / Getty


JEREMY IRONS ON YOUTUBE:  Here is a wonderful French interview of Jeremy Irons and Patricia Kaas in Cannes discussing And Now Ladies and Gentlemen from 2002. 

Jeremy Irons is interviewed in Cannes - 2002


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE DELETED SCENES AND TRAILERS:  Check out these deleted scenes from Georgia O' Keeffe with Jeremy in both scenes.  And here is a link to the latest Georgia O' Keeffe trailer I uploaded to YouTube.  It's a short one! 


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE REVIEWS, ARTICLES AND VIDEOS:  More articles, reviews and video interviews from Georgia O' Keeffe.


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE ARTICLE:   "Lifetime again proves its worth with O' Keeffe" - read the article about Jeremy and Joan here!

Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O' Keeffe



NEW PHOTO:   Max Irons and guest Harriet Riddell attend the after show party of "The Mysteries: Yiimimangaliso" at The Crypt in London.

Max Irons and Harriet Riddell





September 15, 2009:  NEW PHOTOS:   Jeremy Irons attended the after show party of "The Mysteries: Yiimimangaliso" at The Crypt in London tonight. 

Jeremy Irons and Stephen Daldry    Jeremy Irons, Eric Abraham and Pauline Malefane


NEW SCREEN CAPTURES:   We are finally finished with the Australia screen captures!  They were made from a low quality DVD, so some of them are not the best quality.  We are searching for a clearer copy and we will make new caps for this when we find one.  For now, please enjoy the caps our friend Sheri made for us!

Jeremy Irons - Australia Screen CapturesJeremy Irons - Australia Screen CapturesJeremy Irons - Australia Screen Captures


UPCOMING EVENT:  Jeremy Irons, Chris Tarrant and Bill Nighy are set to attend a tribute for Harold Pinter at The Lord's Taverners later this month.  Source




September 14, 2009:  NEWS:   Read more information on Jeremy and Sinéad's attendance at the tribute for Brian Friel.   Photos from the Irish Times are in the gallery.


BANNERS:   Our talented banner contestants were kind enough to allow us to use their banners on various pages throughout our web site.  We will rotate them every now and then.  Thank you to all the contestants for sharing with us.




September 13, 2009:  AWARD NEWS:   Jeremy Irons receives the Premio Eti award in Italy.  Click on the photo to read more!

Jeremy Irons recieves the Primio Eti Award


NEWS:   Jeremy Irons attends a birthday tribute for Brian Friel hosted by his wife Sinéad Cusack in Ireland.  Source


SCREEN CAPTURES:   The screen captures of Jeremy Irons and Fanny Ardant in Australia will be in the gallery within the next few days.  Please check back!




September 11, 2009:  BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY:    Please don't forget to sign up for our Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway!  We now have several t-shirts to give away and also one baseball cap (not pictured).  Click here for details!




September 10, 2009:  VOICE WORK:  Listen to Jeremy Irons read "Auguries of Innocence" and "The Tyger" by William Blake on The Morgan Library web site.  William Blake's World: "A New Heaven is Begun" exhibition will run from September 11, 2009, through January 2, 2010 at The Morgan Library.


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE REVIEW:  Take a look at this review of Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O' KeeffeSource


GALLERY UPDATE:  There are more photos of Jeremy Irons at the Academy of Achievement 2009 International Summit in South Africa in the gallery!



September 9, 2009:  VIDEO INTERVIEW:  Jeremy Irons is interviewed by Clive James - Source

INTERVIEW:  Here is an interview from the Chiltern Shakespeare Company web site from a conversation with Jeremy Irons and Andrew Rogers backstage at the National Theatre while Jeremy was performing in Never So Good.   Source




September 8, 2009:  NEWS:  Jeremy Irons is set to receive an award in Vicenza, Italy at the Olympic Theatre on September 11, 2009, for his work in theatre and film and his performance of Antonio in The Merchant of Venice. 

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3


NEWS:  Jeremy Irons attends The Prince's Trust garden party - Source


GEORGIA O' KEEFFE NEWS:  Jeremy Irons Defends Alfred Stieglitz and Applauds Joan Allen - Read more here!




September 7, 2009: NEW SCREEN CAPTURES:  While you're waiting so patiently for us to finish the Who Do You Think You Are? and Australia screen captures, we have captures of Jeremy Irons and Liv Ullmann in The Wild Duck.

Jeremy Irons in The Wild DuckJeremy Irons in The Wild DuckJeremy Irons in The Wild Duck




September 5, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE VIDEO CLIP:  To view a scene from Georgia O' Keeffe, click here and follow these instructions:  When you arrive at the web page, click on the small box at the bottom left-hand side of the dark gray photo gallery - the word "Gallery" should pop-up.  Clicking on that box should take you to a new portion with two columns.  On the left-hand column it reads "Georgia O' Keeffe" - this is the photo gallery. On the right-hand column it reads " Georgia O' Keeffe Videos" - here you will find one fantastic scene from the film. 




September 4, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE TRAILER: Here is the third trailer I came across on Lifetime and uploaded to YouTube.



SITE NEWS:  I'm very sorry for the delay with the new Who Do You Think You Are? screen captures and the Australia captures.  I can assure you that I have been working on them and I have enlisted the help of a friend so that we can get them done quickly! 

Also, please sign up for the Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway if you haven't already!  We've had several entries and we have lots of prizes to giveaway.  We have a few more t-shirts to give away in addition to the one pictured on the giveaway page!  Please know that we will not use your personal information for anything other than this contest.  We will not bother you with emails or give your information out to anybody.  Click here for details on the giveaway.

Lastly, our JeremyIrons.Org Livejournal Community is growing quickly! Thank you to all who have joined!  If you haven't signed up for membership yet, please visit our Livejournal Community and join us soon.



September 1, 2009: FAMILY UPDATE:  There are new photos of Max Irons modeling for Mango in the gallery!  Some are wide screen close-ups!

Max Irons Modeling for MangoMax Irons Modeling for Mango

Max Irons Modeling for Mango




JEREMY IRONS' BIRTHDAY :  Jeremy Irons' birthday is approaching quickly (September 19).  We have an area on our Forum for posting birthday wishes for Jeremy!  Please register with the Forum if you would like to say a few words to Jeremy on this special occasion! Visit the Birthday Forum here!


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