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August 30, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE TRAILER:  Here is another trailer for Georgia O' Keeffe.  This one came directly from the Lifetime web site.



VIDEO INTERVIEW:  Click here to watch an interview with Joan Allen as she discusses working with Jeremy Irons in both Impressionism and Georgia O' Keeffe.  Forward to 3:22 to see Joan's portion of the interview.




August 28, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE INTERVIEW:  The Passion of O' Keeffe - read an interview with Joan Allen which offers more insight about the film and the characters Georgia O' Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz played by Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons here!


Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O' Keeffe

Photo credit: IPTTC

GEORGIA O' KEEFFE PHOTOS AND SCREEN CAPTURES: We have several photos from Georgia O' Keeffe which were found throughout the Internet, and we've also uploaded some screen captures which were made from the trailers. 

Screen Captures below!

Jeremy Irons - Georgia O' Keeffe Screen CapsJeremy Irons - Georgia O' Keeffe Screen Caps

Movie Stills below!

Jeremy Irons - Georgia O' Keeffe Movie Stills



August 27, 2009: GEORGIA O' KEEFFE TRAILER 2:  Here is another trailer of Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O' Keeffe with a few different scenes than the first one.



GEORGIA O' KEEFFE TRAILER:  I finally caught the trailer for Georgia O' Keeffe on Lifetime today, so I've uploaded a clip of it to YouTube.  It looks fantastic! Here it is! Enjoy!




August 26, 2009:  DVD RELEASE:  In 1971, Jeremy Irons made his first appearance on screen in an episode of The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes called The Case of the Mirror of Portugal.  He played the role of the nephew.  The DVD has been available in the UK since June 2009 and will be available in the US and Canada on September 1, 2009.  Here is a clip of his appearance! 



GEORGIA O' KEEFFE NEWS:  Take a look at this link to the first photos of Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Georgia O' Keeffe.  Thank you to one of our forum members for the link!  She also mentioned that she saw a trailer for Georgia O' Keeffe on the Lifetime channel.  Here is a link to the page for Georgia O' Keeffe on MyLifetime.Com.  So far I've been unable to find a trailer online, but the search continues.  Check back for updates!



August 25, 2009:   NEW PHOTOS:  This past weekend Jeremy Irons attended the closing of the transatlantic Bridge Project production of The Winter's Tale at the Epidaurus Festival in Greece.  Jeremy's wife Sinéad Cusack played Paulina alongside fellow actors Ethan Hawke, Simon Russell Beale and Rebecca Hall in Shakespeare's play directed by Sam Mendes. 

Jeremy Irons in Greece   Jeremy Irons in Greece

Source: Rex


NEW COMMUNITY:  We have a new JeremyIrons.Org Livejournal Community.  This is a members only community open to all Jeremy Irons fans.  The purpose of the community is to provide JI.Org site updates to fans in an environment where fans are able to comment on updates and connect with other Jeremy Irons fans.  If you don't have a Livejournal account, that's not a problem.  It's free and very easy to sign up.  We already have several members and we hope you'll join us soon! 




August 22, 2009:   CONTEST:  We are having a Jeremy Irons Birthday Giveaway in honor of Jeremy's upcoming birthday on September 19, and our one year anniversary online this September!  This is an easy contest to enter and we have tons of amazing prizes to give out!  So don't miss your opportunity with this one!  Sign up today!




August 19, 2009:   MAX IRONS: Here is another photo of Max Irons modeling for Mango which we've resized.  Click on the image to see the full-size photo in the gallery.

Max Irons modeling for Mango



August 17, 2009:   JEREMY IRONS POLL RESULTS:  The screen capture voting poll is now closed and the final results are in!  Although the poll shows a total of 35 votes, the actual total count is 44 votes and the winner of the poll is Australia with 13 votes.  We will begin working on the screen captures for Australia very soon.  Thank you to everybody who participated in the voting process.  View the poll results here!

UPCOMING CONTEST:  In the next few days we will have information on our latest JeremyIrons.Org contest.  This will be an easy contest which will only require you to sign up for a chance to win.  You won't want to miss out on this one - we have some amazing prizes!  More details on the contest rules and prizes will be available soon!




August 16, 2009:   SCREEN CAPTURES:  Thank you again to Sheri for the Danny the Champion of the World screen captures!  She beautifully captured Jeremy, his son Sam and his father-in-law Cyril Cusack in this sweet family film. 

Danny the Champion of the World Screen CapturesDanny the Champion of the World Screen CapturesDanny the Champion of the World




August 15, 2009:  VIDEO AND SCREEN CAPTURES:  Here are some screen captures of Sam Irons which were taken from a video interview of Sam at the Monster Truck Gallery where his photography was on exhibit in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland.  Click here to watch the video interview!  

Click on the thumbnails below to see the screen captures in the Sam Irons album.

Sam Irons at the Monster Truck Gallery - May 2007Sam Irons at the Monster Truck Gallery - May 2007


SCREEN CAPTURES UPDATE:  The Danny the Champion of the World screen caps will be available shortly!




August 13, 2009:   VIDEO CLIP:  A friend of our site was kind enough to pass along a video clip of Jeremy Irons encouraging young theater students in Romania attending the Ideo Ideis National Theater Festival in Alexandria.   Angela Gheorghiu, Romanian opera star and supporter of the festival, invited Jeremy to speak to students while she was in New York.   The  video is shot from inside Jeremy Irons' dressing room for Impressionism at the Schoenfeld Theatre.  The festival was created in 2006 by two teenagers who wanted to encourage young people interested in theater acting.  The festival takes place over a period of three days in August where the students participate in drama workshops, competitions and performances in professional plays alongside known actors. 


Jeremy Irons speaks to young Romanian theater students


NEW SCREEN CAPTURES:  We have screen captures from Danny and the Dirty Dog - The Making of Danny the Champion of the World featuring Jeremy Irons, his son Sam Irons and his father-in-law Cyril Cusack.  Please check back soon for screen captures from the film.  Thank you again to our friend Sheri for these!

Jeremy Irons - Danny and the Dirty Dog CapsSam Irons - Danny and the Dirty Dog CapsCyril Cusack - Danny and the Dirty Dog CapsJeremy Irons - Danny and the Dirty Dog Caps




August 11, 2009:   NEW WEB PAGE:  We have a web page dedicated to Jeremy Irons' restoration of Kilcoe Castle!  The permanent link to this page is on the menu bar under Jeremy.  There are many articles, photos, screen captures from Inside the Actor's Studio and Faoi Lan Cheoil, and quotes from Jeremy about Kilcoe. 

GEORGIA O' KEEFFE NEWS:  Take a look at this article from  It explains a little bit about Jeremy's role as Alfred Stieglitz in the Georgia O'Keeffe Lifetime Original movie and the upcoming "live" premiere in Santa Fe, New Mexico on August 28.  Joan Allen will be in attendance for the premiere and a silent auction featuring signed memorabilia from the film, props, scripts and more will close the evening. 




August 9, 2009:   JEREMY IRONS GALLERIES:  We've added a few new DVD covers, icons and various photos to the galleries!  Visit the JeremyIrons.Org Galleries for the latest!


A NOTE ABOUT THE CURRENT POLL:  The poll will end on August 16, 2009.  You may vote as many times as you like on this poll!  Right now the total votes are not adding up properly, but we will do a final manual count on the 16th and make sure it's correct!  Vote here!




August 7, 2009:   JEREMY IRONS POLLS:  Your opinion matters!  Join in the decision making at JI.Org by voting in our latest Jeremy Irons poll!  The permanent poll link can be found under the photo of the week on the left side bar!  Vote now!




August 6, 2009:   VOICE WORK:  Jeremy Irons reads a piece from Matthew Specktor's book That Summertime Sound.   Listen to Jeremy reading The Devil in it Somewhere on the official site for the book.   Click here for a downloadable MP3 of Jeremy's reading.




August 5, 2009:   SCREEN CAPTURES:  A special thank you to our friend Sheri for this first batch of screen captures of Jeremy Irons, Sinéad Cusack and Nutsa Kukhianidze in Mathilde

Screen captures of Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack and Nutsa Kukhianidze in MathildeScreen captures of Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack and Nutsa Kukhianidze in MathildeScreen captures of Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack and Nutsa Kukhianidze in Mathilde




August 4, 2009:   NEWS:  Jeremy Irons, Dame Judi Dench and Julie Walters sponsor Sylvia Plath play Three Women which stars Scottish actress Neve McIntosh at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival from August 6 - 31.   Source


COMING SOON:  We have tons of fan-contributed screen captures of Jeremy Irons and his wife Sinéad Cusack in Mathilde!  I am in the process of organizing them now and will post them within the next few days. 



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