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The Gods Weep:   March 12 - April 3, 2010, Hampstead Theatre, London, England (Colm)


Jeremy Irons stars in The Gods Weep

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Photos from The Gods Weep:

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Jeremy Irons in rehearsals for The Gods Weep                Jeremy Irons in rehearsals for The Gods Weep

Jeremy Irons in rehearsals for The Gods Weep - Photo Source

Reviews of The Gods Weep:

Reviews of Jeremy Irons in The Gods Weep



Impressionism:   March 12 - July 5, 2009, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York, NY (Thomas Buckle)



Impressionism Official Site       

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Impressionism Photos:


Jeremy Irons in the alley of the Schoenfeld Theatre Jeremy Irons outside the Schoenfeld Theatre  Jeremy Irons in Impressionism on stage  Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen in Impressionism 

Impressionism Playbill           Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen at the Impressionism Off-Broadway Meet-and-Greet      

               The Impressionism Playbill                                                  Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons                                                   


View more photos of Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen at the Impressionism Meet-and-Greet! Photos and Screen captures!

View more photos of Jeremy Irons in Impressionism!

Photos of Jeremy Irons, Joan Allen and the cast of Impressionism on opening night, May 24, 2009


Impressionism videos and radio interviews:



Meet the cast of Broadway's Impressionism: Jeremy Irons


Jeremy Irons signing autographs at the Impressionism stage door on Broadway!        Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen on NBC's Today Show: March 19, 2009


Jeremy Irons is interviewed about Impressionism by Sir David on Frost Over The World


Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen are interviewed by Anne Craig of NY Fox 5

Watch scenes of Jeremy Irons in Impressionism on TV!

Watch Jeremy Irons and cast onstage in Impressionism


Jeremy Irons signing autographs outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in NYC ( 27 March 2009)


Jeremy Irons talks about Impressionism on The View on April 22, 2009!


Impressionism Radio Interview:

Listen to a radio interview of Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen discussing Impressionism on NPR (7 March 2009)

Impressionism Interviews and Articles:

Impressionism Interview:  Jeremy Irons in spotlight after 25-year absence

Impressionism Interview: Irons Tries Love, Sarandon Gets Jitters on Stage: Broadway Buzz (

Article:  Read an article with Joan Allen in the New York Times (4 March 2009)

Impressionism Interview: Irons Makes Good Impression (NY Post - 5 March 2009)

Impressionism Opening Date Postponed: (6 March 2009)

NPR Interview with Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen:  NPR (7 March 2009)

Article:  Jeremy Irons returns to B'way in Impressionism (AP Article: 20 March 2009)

Article:  Allen and Irons connect the dots in Impressionism ( 20 March 2009)

Article:  Off-kilter is still Jeremy Irons' calling (The Los Angeles Times: 22 March 2009)

Article:  IMPRESSIONISM PLAYBILL.COM COVERAGE:  Read about the opening night of Impressionism as reviewed by Impressionism - The Arty and the Smarty! (25 March 2009)

Interview:  Irons' Good Impression:  An interview with Jeremy Irons and Jack O'Brien from (1 April 2009)

Interview:  Jeremy Irons is interviewed inside his Impressionism dressing room by New York Magazine (8 April 2009)

Interview:  Jeremy Irons Refuses to Engage with Us ( But We Still Love Him ) : an interview with Jeremy from (8 April 2009)

News:  Impressionism Outperforms Jane Fonda on Broadway: Momentum Building for New Play (13 April 2009)

Impressionism will close on May 10, 2009.  Read more here!  (26 April 2009)



Impressionism Reviews:  We've put together a page full of reviews of Impressionism from a mix of theatergoers and some actual theater critics that we've found around the web! We will add more as they come in, so check back often!


Never So Good: March 26th -  May 24th, 2008, National Theatre, Lyttleton Theatre, London, UK (Harold Macmillan)

Jeremy Irons as Harold Macmillan in Never So Good   Jeremy Irons in Never So Good  Jeremy Irons in Never So Good 









Jeremy Irons in Never So Good


View photos from Never So Good here!

Screen captures of Jeremy Irons discussing Never So Good with the BBC

Video Interview: Irons makes National debut (20 April 2008)

Excellent reviews of Never So Good

Q & A from Never So Good with Whatsonstage

Jeremy Irons Shines in Never So Good (Telegraph 28/03/2008)

Never So Good program scans and the ticket from the play

Never So Good Theatre Ticket

Never So Good Program  Jeremy Irons in Never So Good Jeremy Irons in Never So Good

Jeremy Irons in Never So Good   Jeremy Irons in Never So Good 


Embers Poster

Embers: Feb. 15, 2006 - June 24th, 2006, Duke of York's Theatre, London, UK (Henrick)

 Playbill News: Jeremy Irons Stirs Up the Embers on the West End, Feb. 15

 Playbill News: Irons Returns to London Stage in Embers

 Playbill News: Embers , With Irons, Extends West End Run

 Embers @ Duke Of York's Theatre, London : theatre review

 Embers Interview with Theatre.Com




View photos from Embers here!







Jeremy Irons in Camelot


Camelot: August 14th, 2005, The Hollywood Bowl, CA (King Arthur)

View photos from Camelot here!

Playbill News: Jeremy Irons Cast in Hollywood Bowl Camelot





A Little Night Music: 2003, New York City Opera, with Claire Bloom & Juliette Stevenson 

(Fredrik Egerman)

View photos from A Little Night Music here!

A Little Night Music

My Fair Lady: 1991, by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, Royal Albert Hall, London with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (Professor Henry Higgins)

View photos from My Fair Lady here!

My Fair Lady










Richard II: 1986, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, London, (Richard II)

View more photos from Richard II here!

Richard II Program

The Rover: 1986, Mermaid Theatre, London (Willmore)

View photos from The Rover here!

The Rover Flyer  The Rover Flyer   Jeremy Irons in The Rover



The Winter's Tale: 1986, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Statford-upon_Avon (Leonates)

View photos from The Winter's Tale here!


The Winter's Tale   The winter's Tale   The Winter's Tale


The Real Thing: 1984, Plymouth Theatre, with Glenn Close & Laila Robins (Henry Boot)

Jeremy Irons in The Real Thing The Real Thing Playbill  The Real Thing Playbill


Archived Interview:  Jeremy Irons in People Magazine discussing The Real Thing (January 23, 1984)

View photos from The Real Thing here!


An Audience Called Edouard: 1978, Greenwich Theatre, London (Gustav Manet)

The Rear Column:  1978, Globe Theatre, London (Jameson)

View a photo from this production here!

Wild Oats: 1976 with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych Theatre, London and then in 1977 at the Piccadilly Theatre, London (Harry Thunder)

Wild Oats

An Inspector Calls: 1975, Key Theatre, Peterborough, England

The Taming of the Shrew: 1975, New Shakespeare Company, RoundHouse Theatre (Petruchio)

View photos from The Taming of the Shrew here!

The Caretaker: 1974, Young Vic Theatre (Mick)

Diary of a Madman: 1973, Act Inn Lunchtime Theatre, London

Godspell: 1971 at the Round House Theatre, London and then at Wyndham's Theatre, London (John the Baptist)

View photos from Godspell here!

Jeremy Irons in Godspell

The Winter's Tale: 1971, Bristol Old Vic Theatre (Florizel)

What the Butler Saw: 1971, Bristol Old Vic Theatre (Nick)

Hay Fever: 1971, Bristol Old Vic Theatre (Simon)


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