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July 30, 2009:  SOUTH AFRICA UPDATE:  Several weeks ago we reported that Jeremy Irons was in Cape Town, South Africa attending the Annual International Achievement Summit with the Academy of Achievement.  Click on the photo below to read about Jeremy's participation and for a link to highlights from the summit.

Jeremy Irons feeds children at the Baphumelele Children's Home

Photo credit: The Academy of Achievement



July 28, 2009:  CHARITY INFO:  As previously mentioned, Jeremy Irons narrated Oxfam Ireland's video to support their Climate Change Campaign.  You can join Jeremy in this campaign by signing a petition!  Click the image below to take action!

Climate Change Destroys Lives - Let's Face It!  Join the campaign today!



July 26, 2009:  VIDEO INTERVIEW:  Here is an interview with Jeremy Irons when he was in Slovakia in June accepting the Actor's Mission Award.  The clip is translated in Slovak over Jeremy's voice and there is a music track playing, so it's a bit hard to hear what he's saying.  He speaks about the films that have had an impact on him personally and on his career, and he talks a little about working with Dominique Swain in Lolita.  Click here to view the video!

Click on the image below to view screen captures from the interview!

Screen captures of Jeremy Irons being interviewed in Slovakia


MORE NARRATION WORK:  Jeremy Irons partially narrated a documentary film about the West Cork Craft and Design Guild, of which he is a patron.  The film premiered at The Kerry Film Festival in 2008.  Click the photo below to read more about An Inspired Gathering. 

Read more about Jeremy's narration of 'An Inspired Gathering'

Photo credit: Robb Bradstock, Six Degree Producitons 2009




July 25, 2009:  NEW GALLERY UPLOADS:  There are a few new photos of Jeremy Irons in our galleries.  Two photos are from stage productions, The Winter's Tale and Never So Good, and one is a rare on-set photo of Jeremy from The Fourth Angel, plus a few miscellaneous others.



July 24, 2009:  FILM SCREENING:  The Power of the Powerless, which was narrated by Jeremy Irons, will have a screening at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival on August 2, 2009, at 12:00PM.  Click here to read more about the festival and the film, and click here to purchase tickets to the screening.


ANOTHER YOUTUBE INTERVIEW:  I uploaded yet another video interview with Jeremy Irons.  This one is from the 2006 Emmys Live Post Show on E! News.  Jeremy chats with Giuliana Rancic (DePandi) about his Emmy win speech, his dogs, motorbikes and his rolled cigarettes.  I'm sorry the sound is slightly distorted.  I'm not sure what happened in the transfer.   

Jeremy Irons Emmy Interview

View screen captures of this interview in our galleries!



July 23, 2009:  MORE YOUTUBE UPLOADS:   Watch new video clips of Jeremy Irons from the 2007 Screen Actor Guild Awards and an interview on the Today Show from December 16, 2007!  Check back soon for more interviews and awards clips.



July 22, 2009:  JEREMY IRONS CHARITY NEWS:  Jeremy Irons Backs Oxfam Ireland's Climate Change Campaign.  Click here to read more and to watch a video narrated by Jeremy for the campaign.


JEREMY IRONS ON YOUTUBE:  We now have a JeremyIrons.Org Group on YouTube for sharing all Jeremy Irons videos.  Please join the group where you can rate and discuss videos and add your own Jeremy-related videos to the group. 

JeremyIrons.Org Group on YouTube

JEREMY IRONS ON THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW:  After many requests, I've finally uploaded Jeremy's appearance on The Martha Stewart Show from December 14, 2006.  It is broken down into two parts.  Enjoy!

Jeremy Irons on The Martha Stewart Show - Part I        Jeremy Irons on The Martha Stewart Show - Part II



July 20, 2009:  POSSIBLE FILM PROJECT:  For several weeks Hungarian web sites have been reporting that Jeremy Irons and Ashley Judd will be co-staring in a period film set during World War II called "Reconstruction of the Warriors."  Click here to read more!



July 18, 2009:  NEW SCREEN CAPTURES:  Thank you to our friend Malone for these wonderful screen captures of Jeremy Irons in The Colour of Magic!

Screen captures of Jeremy Irons in The Colour of MagicScreen captures of Jeremy Irons in The Colour of MagicScreen captures of Jeremy Irons in The Colour of Magic




July 17, 2009:  NEW SOUND CLIPS:  We've uploaded three more songs from Jeremy's performance at the Noel Coward Tribute - "Last Night at the Proms 1999" (Mrs. Worthington, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, and Twentieth-Century Blues).   A special thank you to Fredrik for these sound clips!  Click here to listen!


NEW SCANS:  There are some scans of the photos from Lolita - The Book of the Film by Stephen Schiff in the gallery.  This is a fantastic book of the script from the film with a foreword by Jeremy Irons.  If you don't have this in your collection, it is a 'must have'.  It is available on Amazon in paperback and is also available for the Amazon Kindle!    Click the photos below to view the scans.

Scans of Jeremy Irons  from Lolita - The Book of the FilmScans of Jeremy Irons from Lolita - The Book of the Film




July 16, 2009:  NEWS:  Jeremy Irons will be the master of ceremonies at The Sunflower Jam 2009 charity event on 24th September 2009.  Read more here!  And click the photos below to view a video interview with Jeremy at The Sunflower Jam 2007 event.

Jeremy Irons is interviewed at The Sunflower Jam 2007Jeremy Irons is interviewed at The Sunflower Jam 2007

Click here to view photos of Jeremy at previous Sunflower Jam events!


DVD RELEASE:  The Color of Magic is now available on DVD in the US! 

Jeremy Irons in The Color of Magic on DVD



July 10, 2009:   RARE PHOTO FIND:  Take a look at these childhood photos of Jeremy Irons on our 'Biography' page.  What do you think?  Is it Jeremy?  That smile sure does look familiar!

Young Jeremy IronsYoung Jeremy Irons


'GEORGIA O'KEEFFE' NEWS:  Joan Allen will be the guest of honor in Santa Fe, New Mexico at an exclusive ‘live’ red carpet premiere of “Georgia O’Keeffe,” a Lifetime Television original movie, starring Oscar winner Jeremy Irons and Oscar nominee Joan Allen.  No word on whether or not Jeremy will be in attendence.  Read more here!


NEWS:  On Friday, July 3, 2009, Jeremy Irons arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on the same British Airways flight as rugby star Chris Jack.  Over the weekend Jeremy was spotted at an Academy of Achievement Summit event in Khayalicha at an orphanage for AIDS orphans.  Also in attendance were several other celebrities, including Vince Gil, Amy Grant, Chris Matthews, Nadine Gordimer (Nobel Laureate, author of July's Children), Sam Donaldson, Barbara Holden and Alexander McColl Smith.  Jeremy was inducted into the Academy of Achievement in 2000.  Read more about the Academy here



July 9, 2009:   BANNER WINNER:  We have a winner for our first ever JeremyIrons.Org web site contest!  Congratulations to the talented creator of Banner #5!  And a huge thank you to all the fans who entered their banners.  They were all fantastic.  Voters, we appreciate you too!  In the future we will have contests like this one which will require fans to create something, we will have contests of knowledge, and we will have a few contests which will require no effort at all - they will be luck of the draw! Check back soon for details on our next contest and enjoy Banner #5!



July 7, 2009:   SITE UPDATES:  We've made several changes to our menu bar and some of the pages on our site.  We now have a "Site" page and an "Internet" page where you will find links to our disclaimer, contact info, site staff, site awards, affiliates, a new FAQ page and much more.  The "Guestbook" has been removed due to the fact that it was not getting much attention.  Please register on the Forum and use it to make comments in place of the "Guestbook."  Please note also that the information on our "Write to Jeremy" page has been updated.   If you have any problems finding your way around, please contact us here!




July 6, 2009:   BANNER CONTEST:  There are only a few days left to vote for the Jeremy Irons banner winner!  The contest ends on Wednesday, July 8! 

Please click here to place your vote.  The winner will be announced on Thursday, July 9!  Thank you again to all the talented fans who participated.



July 2, 2009:   ARCHIVE INTERVIEW:  "Kafka," Steven Soderbergh, Jeremy Irons and Sundance: The press conference - Read the interview here!



July 1, 2009:   NEW ICONS:  There are six new icons of Jeremy Irons from The Pink Panther 2 in the icon album!  Click on each thumbnail to view larger.

Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons     Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons     Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons    Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons     Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons     Jeremy Irons - Pink Panther 2 Icons


NEWS:  Jeremy Irons reads for the widow of TS Eliot at London University's TS Eliot International Summer School!

Jeremy Irons reads TS Eliot poetry


BANNER CONTEST VOTING:  Our first JeremyIrons.Org contest has come to an end.  Thank you to all the fans who contributed banners!  We had a very good turn out for our first contest.  Now, please help us choose a winner!  Click here to vote for your favorite banner! 


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